SheepCape Street Farm is located on 175 rolling acres of land located in the western hills of the Pioneer Valley in the small town of Goshen, in Western Massachusetts. We have lived on this farm since purchasing it in March of 1999  and began farming it shortly thereafter.

On our farm we raise two breeds of sheep for meat, fiber and breeding stock: the critically endangered and extremely rare Gulf Coast Sheep and the exotic and beautiful Icelandic sheep. We also produce a small amount of maple syrup for resale, organically raise heirloom vegetables in our garden and apples in our orchard for own own use and are constantly exploring other possibilities on ways to make better use of the  resources available on the farm in a natural and sustainable way.

Please read through our website for more information on the animals we raise and the products we have for sale, checkout the photos from around the farm on the Photo Gallery page and if you would like to contact us, find out how on the Contacts page.

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The Farm

"Cape Street Farm", is a new name for an old farm. This property has been farmed from the mid to late 1700's all the way to the early 1960's and then following an almost 40 year hiatus, farming resumed in 2000 with our purchase. Several generations of farmers have used this farm to raise sheep, and cattle, produced lumber and harvest hay. At one period an orchard was on the property for growing apples for the long-forgotten cider press that was built somewhere on this property.

Unfortunately for us, none of the original barns or buildings have survived the years, but the patchwork of all stonewalls and old apple orchards scattered on the property provide plenty of evidence of a long past farming operation.

The animals

Picture above is are some of our Gulf Coast Sheep enjoying the moring sun in the barn doorway. Gulf Coast sheep are among the rarest of all sheep in the world, and one of only 4 "critically endangered" sheep on the American Livestock Breed Conservatory conservation watchlist. Read more about our Gulf Coast sheep here.

A picture of part of our Icelandic flock grazing on a section of new pasture just a few weeks after spring shearing. Notice the wide variety of colors and patterns exhibited in this breed. Read more about our Icelandics here.